Making the Case for Finance Transformation

According to an ACCA Study, over 50 percent of C-level executives in accounting and finance expect the development of intelligent, automated accounting systems will have the highest impact over the next three years. With CFO’s receiving constant pressure from CEO’s to do more, reduce costs, and innovate, CFO’s must be forward-looking or be prepared for the consequences.

Finance Transformation is no longer an option for businesses. It is a necessity. Wherever you are on your finance transformation path, download our new free eBook, “Making the Case for Finance Transformation,” which is chock-full of helpful strategies and real steps you can take to prepare your business for the future.

Download your free copy today to discover:

  • Why you must take action now
  • Three costly mistakes to avoid
  • Four steps to beat out your competition
  • Common obstacles that hold companies back
  • What future-ready companies look like
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  • And more!

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Bridgepoint Consulting, an Addison Group company, is a leading management consulting firm that helps companies throughout their business lifecycle. We offer a broad range of finance, technology and risk/compliance services to support clients from the startup phase all the way to IPO readiness and beyond. Since 1999, we’ve been helping executives and management teams reduce their business and operational risks, bridge resource gaps and improve overall performance. Whether an organization needs interim expertise to improve infrastructure and processes, or strategic management of a major transition or transaction, our team of qualified professionals can help.

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