Celebrate With Us

25 Years of
Building Community

In 1999, we set out to make a positive impact by building trusted relationships alongside our partners, people and community. Now, 25 years later, we invite you to celebrate with us as we reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved while pursuing our mission and the people who helped us get here.

Manuel Azuara - President, Bridgepoint Consulting

As we look back on the past 25 years, we are deeply grateful for the opportunities we have had to serve our community. From humble beginnings to becoming a renowned name in the industry, we take great pride in the relationships we have cultivated. We look forward to many more years of collaboration, growth and shared success ahead! 

Warm regards,

Manuel Azuara
Managing Principal, Bridgepoint Consulting

The Evolution of Bridgepoint’s Brand

See how we’ve evolved to reflect our growth and innovation.







Milestones Along
the Way

Our story started in Austin, TX in 1999 amid the dot.com boom.
Over the years, we’ve built upon our foundation to offer expanded
services that empower businesses to grow sustainably into the future.
Explore our history and the milestones we’ve achieved to get to
where we are today.

    • Bridgepoint established in Austin as a division of David Powell, a California-based staffing firm, and is later bought and formed into David Powell of Texas
    • Number of employees grows from 6 to 20 in the first 5 years of business

    • Operations expand by opening an office in Dallas
    • Company name changes from David Powell of Texas to Bridgepoint Consulting
    • Did you know? Our name was inspired by our first office space located on Bridgepoint Parkway in Austin
    • Number of employees grows to 45

    • Operations further expand by opening an office in Houston
    • Bridgepoint bolsters technology service offerings by joining NetSuite’s Partner Program and begins offering NetSuite services to clients
    • Harder Consulting is acquired, further expanding Bridgepoint’s capability to support direct hiring and recruiting initiatives for clients
    • Number of employees grows to 95

    • Bridgepoint celebrates 15 year anniversary
    • Bridgepoint acquires a team of resources from a boutique NetSuite consulting firm in Austin to expand its capacity and capability for NetSuite services
    • Bridgepoint is acquired by Addison Group based out of Chicago
    • Focus on growth through geographic expansion
    • Turnaround practice is spun out
    • Number of employees grows to 140

    • Bridgepoint celebrates 20 year anniversary
    • Further efforts focused on building out PE relationships and services to support pre- and post-acquisiton M&A services
    • Addison Group acquires ArcLight Consulting to expand its technology offerings into Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) and Smartsheet
    • ArcLight Consulting and Bridgepoint Consulting combine technology services into Cloud Solutions and further expand capabilities into Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Analytics
    • Operations further expand by opening 3 additional office locations in Denver, Boston and Atlanta
    • FiT for NetSuite service is established to expand NetSuite capabilities
    • Number of employees grows to 216

Highlights From #TeamBridgepoint

Whether seasoned professionals, ambitious newcomers embarking on their career journey, or still developing their dreams in 1999, our employees share their personal stories of transformation that mirror the evolution of Bridgepoint.

Tanner Hayes

Tanner Hayes

25 Year Reflections

In 1999, I was a young high school graduate with dreams of a career in molecular biology, which I thought would satisfy my intellectual curiosity. As time passed, I realized that my interests were broader than I thought.

Reflecting on my journey, I am surprised to find myself in the field of consulting, a path I never anticipated taking. My experiences, both humorous and humbling, have taught me valuable lessons, such as the importance of patience and attention to detail in my work.

Jana Bates

Jana Bates

25 Year Reflections

Technology was vastly different in 1999. Dial-up internet was a struggle, and fax and email were the primary modes of communication. Journal entries took overnight to process, and I even had to play a network admin role when server issues arose.

I never foresaw the shift to cloud storage or the evolution of smartphones into mini computers. While I miss the direct interactions of the past, I value the efficiency of modern communication. Initially resistant to smartphones, I now rely on them heavily.

Why I Love Bridgepoint

Liz Dunlap

I chose to work at Bridgepoint because I was interested in working for multiple clients without the need to handle billing personally. I particularly enjoy the flexibility to schedule my work around travel while also supporting my clients on the go.

Nathan Platt

Bridgepoint is dedicated to delivering exceptional work products, promoting work-life balance and fostering growth. Not only am I able to achieve my career and development goals, but I’m also given the flexibility to pursue personal goals outside of work.

Arlene Yeager

Bridgepoint truly values its employees and consistently seeks the best ways to support each team member. There is genuine concern and careful consideration given to career development for each employee, making sure they are well-prepared for success.

By The Numbers

We started with 1 location and 6 employees. Today, our growth stands as a testament to our investment in our partners, people and community.

6 OFFICES National Expansion
216 EMPLOYEES Unmatched Expertise
2000 CLIENTS Trusted Partnerships